Mar 9, 2015

Flip This Pattern - The Boardwalk Polo

It is time for Flip this Pattern again over at Frances Suzanne!  I had so much fun flipping the Hattie for their competition last year and I am thrilled to get to kick off this months flip of the Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie by Peek-a-boo Patterns!

The Boardwalk Henley is a cute unisex tee that also has a dress option for girls.  It has lots of flipping potential and I can't wait to see what the amazing four ladies competing this month do with it for their flips!

I did a little mini flip of the pattern to get things rolling, I added a collar to turn this Boardwalk Henley shirt into a Boardwalk Polo shirt!

I swiped the collar pattern piece from another Peek-a-boo pattern I own, the Classic Oxford.  The size 5 collar from the Oxford fits perfectly on the size 5 henley I made...and the finished shirt is a perfect fit on my size 5 four year old :)

The Boardwalk Henley is a really quick sew.  It has a yoked top, which not only makes it perfect for some fun color blocking, but also makes it really easy to add the buttons to the front, no tricky button plackets to sew!  I really like the slightly longer sleeves on this shirt and it has a shorter sleeve option for the little ladies and a long sleeve option too.

Head over to Frances Suzanne to get your coupon code for the Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie pattern (I hear there is a giveaway too!) Then you can join in the fun and sew up a flipped version of the pattern to join the linky party!  And make sure your head back again at the end of the month to see what the four competitors do with the pattern and vote for your favorite flip!

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