Nov 6, 2013

Pattern Review - Peek-a-boo Pattern Shops Classic Oxford

This review originally appeared last month over at Pattern Revolution. I had the chance to sew up this adorable Classic Oxford by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.  I was given the pattern in exchange for my honest review.

I don't sew for my son nearly enough and he was so excited to see that I had made him a shirt. I am pretty excited about this shirt too, I used one of my husbands old shirts to make it.  It was a shirt he used to wear when we were dating and was one of my favorites of his, I must say I think I like it even more on my son :)

I love the classic look of this shirt.  The pattern has options for short or long sleeves, there is also an optional pocket and optional button tabs to roll up the sleeves.  I went with the long sleeves without the convertible sleeve option for a dressier look, he wore the shirt to a weeding the weekend after I made it.

This pattern is available in sizes 3 months all the way up to 12!  The shirt has a slimmer fit, and the designer recommends sizing up if you like a looser fit.  There is also a size chart with measurements so you can double check your kiddos size before you sew.  My son is mostly wearing 3T these days and I made a 3T.  It fits him well but doesn't leave much growing room around his chubby toddler tummy.

This is not really a quick sew.  It took me about 3 1/2 hours including cutting out the pattern.  It has some pretty advanced stuff, like sleeve plackets and a collar stand, but if you have never done those before, don't worry the pattern has great step by step instructions and pictures for every step.  The designer really does a great job of walking you through this pattern.  I think anyone with intermediate sewing skills could easily tackle this one. 

The only issue I ran into was I a bit of trouble sewing the sleeves on, no matter how I stretched them, they came up a bit small for my shirt. Amy has since adjusted the pattern a bit to fix the issue.

I think I will be sewing a lot more of these in the future!  It is such an adorable, classic look, I can see myself making these for my son until he outgrows this pattern! 

Also, don't forget about voting in the final round over at SYTYC!  Voting ends tomorrow! Head over to see my upcycled kids art station and vote for your favorite project in the finals!


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