Jul 30, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Newborn Hat with pattern

A few days before my due date I started packing my hospital bag and I realized that the only newborn hats we had were from when my son was a baby and were all blue with footballs and basketballs.  I *needed* girly hats for her and fast because she was due any day (little did I know I still had 2 weeks)  I made her a few simple hats with some knit fabric I had from some old t-shirts.

Knit fabric can be intimidating to sew with but it is really quite easy.  If you have never sewn with knits before, this would be a great project to start with.

The great thing about knit fabric is it doesn't fray, so no need to finish your edges. That means no need for a serger, all you need for this little hat is your basic sewing machine.  

To make this hat you need a small piece of knit fabric, old t-shirts are perfect for this!  If you are buying fabric by the yard you need at least 1/4 yard and that should make you several hats.

To download my pattern click here.

First use the pattern to cut out two hat pieces.  (Make sure the stretch of the knit fabric is side to side and not up and down.)

Fold one hat piece in half, right sides together, and sew the little notch at the top closed.  Repeat with the other hat piece.

Place the  2 hat pieces together with the seams towards the outside.  Pin them together starting 2.5" from the bottom of the hat.

Sew the pieces together where you have pinned.  Do not sew the bottom 2.5" yet.

Flip the hat right side out and pull the unsewn edges at the bottom out.  Pin the edges and sew them shut.

Press the seams open.

Fold up the bottom of the hat about 1" and iron.  Then fold it up another 1" and iron again.  Now all your raw edges should be hidden.

Sew the brim down along the side seams to keep it from unfolding.

That's it! Now slip it on your little one to keep their head cozy and warm!



    I need a quick baby gift and don't have time to crochet a hat. I can just sew a FEW now! :)


  2. OMG. I make hats for the newborns where I work. I was looking for something for the summer that would be easy. Thanks!

  3. What a beautiful model, and a cute hat.

  4. This is what I was looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great instrucitons and pictures!!
    Patti O'Neal

  5. Just used your pattern to make a newborn hat. I couldn't find any jersey I liked at our fabric stores so I upcycled some onsies that had a fun print. It turned out great! Thanks for the pattern!

  6. how do I enlarge the pattern for 3/6/12 months or even up to adult?

    1. sorry, read the bottom thing after I posted. my email is info@koti.it

  7. Thanks so much for this pattern! It was simple enough for my 4 y/o daughter to make with me for a gift. It turned out so cute!

  8. I just figured out you need to use material that doesn't have a wrong side…oh well, it is still easy and cute. I just need to buy differerent material.

    1. One with no wrong side is better for this pattern. You could also trim a little off the bottom of the pattern and sew a binding on instead!

  9. Thank You sooo very much for sharing this pattern. I am almost finished with one of them. :)

  10. Can these be made using polar fleece??? kkdaley63 at gmail.com

  11. Just wanted to comment to provide some hints for newbs like me. I had to use a triple stitch on my machine to get the fabric to not bunch up. The info was in my user manual for stretch fabrics. :) Pattern was simple and fun, thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Is this pattern size for newborns? I would love to make a couple for my baby sister! :)

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