Mar 2, 2012

Tutorial: Ruffle knit flower

Here is second tutorial for making knit flowers.  You can see all three flowers I made to update some of Andrew's boring white onsies for his little sister here.  Also, check out the other tutorials for circle flowers here and the flower poms here!

This little ruffle flower is so simple and girly! I think it would also look great on a little head band.

Skill Level:

A strip of knit fabric
sewing machine
needle and thread

Cut a strip of fabric, mine was 1.5" wide and 18" long.  For a fuller flower, you could do a wider strip, or a longer strip for a bigger flower.

Set your sewing machine to the longest stitch and the highest tension.

Then sew straight down the middle of your strip, your strip should come out all ruffled!

Fold the strip along the line you just sewed and start rolling it into a spiral.  Using your needle and thread, stitch the spiral together as you roll.

keep rolling and stitching until you get to the end or the strip.

To sew your flower on your onsie, separate the ruffles a bit and stitch it down.  Do lots of stitches all over the flower so it is tacked down really well and little fingers can't pull it off!

All done!

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