Feb 29, 2012

Tutorial: Circle knit flowers and how to make circle templates

Here is the first of the knit flower tutorials I promised yesterday, some cute simple circle flowers.  Check out the post from yesterday here to see all three of the onsies I updated with some girly knit flowers. Aslo check out the tutorials for the other 2 knit flowers here and here!

These little flowers are the easiest of the three (but they are all pretty easy!) and I love the simple modern look of them!

I can hardly believe that Andrew ever fit into these little white onsies!  And I'm even more amazed that in just a few short months there will be another tiny little person around here!

So here is how to make them...

Skill Level:

All you need to make these flowers is a bit of knit fabric (I used an old shirt), scissors, a needle, and thread.

First you need some circle templates to trace.  I use Microsoft Word to make my circles, there are lots of programs out there that you could use to make circles, but I am familiar with Word so I find it easiest.

First, open up a new document and on the tool bar, click insert, picture, and autoshapes.

That will open a little autoshapes tool box.  Click on the button with the little heart and triangle on it and choose the oval.

Draw a circle any size on your document then Right click on it and choose format autoshape.

That will open a new box, click the size tab on the top and put the measurements you want in the little boxes.

I made circles that were 2", 1.75", 1.5", 1.25", 1" and .75" so I had lots of sizes to play with and come up with an arrangement I liked.

Print out your templates and cut out the circles.  Then use them to cut circles out of your knit fabric.  You can either trace around them or use pins to hold them in place while you cut.

Stack up your circles and arrange them however you like.

Pin the circle stacks on your onsie to hold them in place while you sew them down.

Using a contrasting color thread, sew them in place with an X.

See, so easy and adorable!


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