Mar 7, 2012

Tutorial: Knit flower poms

Here is the third and final knit flower tutorial from my updated onsies. You can see all three of the onsies here, and find the tutorial for the circle flowers here and the ruffle flower here.

I love these little fluffy flowers, but I am pretty sure they will need to be laid flat to dry instead of going in the dryer.  Maybe not the best choice for a newborns clothes, but they look so cute!

Skill Level:

Knit fabric
Needle and thread

First you need to cut out circles from your knit fabric.  You can find a circle to trace or make a template using Microsoft Word like I did for the circle flowers.  I used a 1.5" circle, you can make your circle any size,  a bigger circle will make a bigger flower.

Cut a big stack of circles, you will need 8 circles for each flower.

Take one of your circles and fold it in half and then in half again.  Using your needle and thread, sew the point down in the middle of another circle.

Repeat that step with three other circles, covering the bottom circle.

Repeat with the remaining three circles, sewing them on top of the four.

Fluff your flower petals.

To sew the flower to your onsie, separate the petals and stitch it down with your needle and thread.  Tack it down in several different places so it is sewn down well.


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