Nov 22, 2011

Tutorial: Happy Birthday Bunting

We have a very special birthday coming up.  My little monkey turns ONE next Saturday!  I can't believe it has been a whole year since we got to meet our awesome boy.

I starting thinking about what I wanted to do for his birthday months ago but then I got caught up in Halloween and then Thanksgiving and now here it is less than 2 week til his birthday and I am trying to throw something together for him.  We will be having a small cookout at our house.  Our house is small so just close friends and family.  Luckily the weather is still nice here so we can open the back doors and use the space on our back porch and patio too.  

I made this bunting the other day to decorate for the party.  I like how this turned out so much that I think after the party, I will hang it up in his room on the big empty wall over his bed.

If you want to make some bunting, you will need:

Fabric (I bought 1/4 yard of each of the fabrics I used, I wanted my flags about 9" long so it made cutting really easy)
Extra wide double fold bias tape (I bought mine and used 3 yards, you could make your own too if you are feeling ambitious!)
sewing machine

Skill Level:
Beginner, this one is super easy!

I made my flags 9" long since I had my fabrics cut to 1/4 yard, the fabric was already 9".  then I decided to make them 6" wide.  You could really make them any size you want, mine are long and skinny but I think short, fat flags would be really cute!

To cut out my triangles, I left the fabric folded in half just as it was when I bought it.  Then I mad a little mark across the top at 6" and 12" and across the bottom at 3" and 9".  Then I used my rotary cutter to cut on the diagonal between the dots as shown in the picture below.

Then I ended up with six triangles cut, enough to make three flags from each color.

Put 2 triangles right sides together and sew along the edges, leaving the top open to turn them right side out.  I cut off the little tip after I sewed them so there is not as much bulk in the point when they are turned right side out.

Next, turn them all right side out and iron them.

Placed each flag inside the double bias tape and pin it in place.  I had 3 yards of bias tape and spread my 12 6" flags about 4" apart along my tape.  

Sew along the bottom of the bias tape.

All done! See I told you it was super easy, now go hang it up!


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