Feb 12, 2016

Valentine Dress

There is a new little guy around here and he is pretty cute!

Baby J was born three weeks ago and we are all totally in love with him! At 7 pounds 12 ounces, he is the smallest (and hairiest) of all my babies and he is so snuggly!

He has been taking up most of my time lately, but I did manage to squeeze in some sewing at the request of this sweet girl who needed a new dress for valentines day!

We have some springy weather around here and I can't wait to sew up some more dresses for this girl.  Now if only the grass would hurry up and turn a springy green too!

Em asked to go to the fabric store and she chose the fabrics and buttons for this dress, I love her choices!  I used the Emory Dress pattern by Izzy and Ivy, the same pattern I used for her sun dress last year with is still one of her favorites, just a bit too short now!

The pattern has button loops on the back, but I am not a big fan of button loops.  I find them tedious to sew and they never look quite right when I am done.  So I switched them out for regular button holes.

I drafted a pattern to make a matching dress for her dolly too, she got this doll for Christmas and loves when they can match!

My sewing time is a bit sparse while I figure out our new normal with three kiddos...and most of my free time is spent snuggle my new little guy!  But hopefully you will see me around here a bit more soon!


  1. Congratulations Crystal! Baby J is adorable and so is the beautiful Emory dress that you are showing today. I will become a first time grandmother this coming June and have been bookmarking your site and many of your tutorials. Don't know whether Baby W. will be a boy or girl and I can't wait to sew up some of your patterns.

    Congratulations to you and your family! You are truly blessed.


  2. Wow! Baby J is a stunner. Love those cheeks! Also, that dress is beautiful. Em did such a great job with the pattern choice and colors. Gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on the wee arrival - sioooooo sweeeet!

  4. Wow Crystal - you're amazing! You make it look so easy!

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