Oct 24, 2014

Flip this Pattern

Hey there! I am competing in Flip this Pattern over at Frances Suzanne this week!  In case you haven't heard of it, it is a super fun challenge where they give the same pattern to 4 different sewing bloggers and ask them to make it over into something a bit different than the original design.  I am up against some pretty stiff competition! All the ladies competing this month are amazing...seriously amazing!  

For my flip, I too the Hattie dress by Brownie Goose and flipped it into a shirtdress for Em!  You can see a bit more about my dress below, and if you missed it earlier this week you can see my full post about my flip HERE.  And of course make sure you head over to Frances Suzanne and see the other four incredible entries and vote for your favorite (I would love it if it was mine ;) )

To flip the Hattie into this shirtdress, I switched things around a bit so it opens in the front and put buttons all the way down the front of the dress.  I kept the collar because that ruffled collar is my favorite part, and a distinguishing feature of the Hattie I didn't want to lose, but I curved the ends down at the button placket.  I also made my dress fully lined so the ruffle has no exposed seams at the neckline.

I shortened and slimmed the sleeves a bit and added some little buttons to the back of them.  


And I added some little chest pockets and a sash to cinch it in the middle a bit.


I am pretty stoked about how it turned out! I just love the look of this dress for fall!

Make sure you head over and VOTE for your favorite Hattie flip!


  1. I love this dress - I did pop over to vote for you but was too late to vote :-( x

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