Sep 3, 2014

The Ash Jumpsuit

I shared this jumpsuit over a Pattern Revolution a few weeks ago so you may have already seen it.  But it is so cute I think it deserves to be shared again :)  This is the adorable Ash Jumpsuit, a pattern by Willow and Co.  I have sewn over half of Willow and Co's patterns already and they are all great! This one was no exception.  (You can take a look at some of the other Willow and Co patterns I have sewn...Clover Shorts, Persimmon dress, Mulberry Tunic, fawn Lilly tunic, and this post has more Clovers and an Aster Cardigan)

Soooo cute, right?  This jumpsuit is perfect for running, climbing, and playing.  And I love that it has no buttons or zippers so my 2 year old can get it on by herself.  It has a halter top with an elastic casing around the neck and back, as well as elastic at the waist and optional elastic at the hem.


I picked up this small print floral at Joann's and paired it with a navy solid at the waist.  I made a size 2 and it fits her like a store bought size 2.  She is small so it has a bit of growing room which I am happy about, this is going to be adorable in spring!



You can find the Ash Jumpsuit along with all the other great Willow and Co patterns over at their website. Go check them out!


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