Nov 18, 2013

Tutorial - Pomander Piñata

What’s a birthday party without a piñata?  This piñata combines the traditional candy filled party game with the flower pomander decoration that is so popular today.  This blushing rose piñata would be the perfect addition to any little girl’s party! 

This whole piñata costs less than $5 to make and I love it turned out.  I think it is almost too pretty to smash, but I know the kids won’t think twice about whacking it open to get to the candy inside! 

To make this piñata, start with a 12" balloon.  Make a paste by mixing one cup of flour and one cup of water.  Dip newspaper strips in the paste and lay them on the balloon.  Continue adding strips until the whole balloon is covered with 3-4 layers of paper, leaving a small hole at the top where the knot is.  Once the balloon is covered, tie a string around the knot and hang the balloon to dry.

Once the paste is dry, pop the balloon and pull it out through the hole you left.  Fill the piñata with goodies.  Poke two small holes on either side of the hole to string a ribbon for hanging.  Make a bit more paste and cover the hole with a few strips of paper.

To make the blushing roses, I used white crepe paper streamers and dyed the tips pink.  Put 2 drops of red food coloring in the bottom of a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of water.  Dip one end of the streamer roll in the dye then let it dry.  

Once it is dry, ruffle the streamers by running the edge through your sewing machine with your machine settings on the longest stitch length and highest tension.  

Make flowers by rolling the streamers and securing the bottom with a dab of hot glue.  I added some leaves cut from tissue paper to some of the flowers.  Glue the flowers to the piñata close together until the whole piñata is covered.

Your piñata is ready to party!



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