Apr 4, 2013

Hexagon Quilt

When I first saw a quilt like this over at hobby mommy creations all I could see was those annoying Y seams where the hexagons meet.  No thank you! But I was completely blown away when I realized this quilt was made without sewing any Y seams at all.  I had to try it!

I used the fabric I had left over from the quilt I made for my grandpa.  I love the grey (or is it gray? I can't ever decide), blue, green, and orange combo.

For the quilting, I just machine quilted some horizontal lines.  It was pretty easy, I used my walking foot and just went back and forth across the quilt.  

The quilt ended up being smaller then I expected and I ran out of fabric so I couldn't make it bigger...oops.  But is is a good size for a car seat or stroller.  It now has a new home with a friend of a friend who is expecting a baby boy.

To make this quilt, I started with 2" strips.  I matched up 2 colors I liked together and sewed the 2 strips together.  Then using the 60 degree angle on my quilting ruler, I cut the strips into triangles.

I ended up with two piles of triangles.

Which make two different hexagons.

Then I sewed the hexagons into halves by sewing 3 triangles together. 

I laid out my hexagon halves into a pattern I liked and sewed them into strips.  In the picture below, you can see how I laid out my hexagons on the left, and then on the right you can see how I sewed them into strips.  I used the bottom half of some extra triangles on the end of each strip so I could cut straight across the top and bottom for binding.  

Then all the strips got sewn together.  Awesome hexagons, no annoying Y seams!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! It really is perfect for a little boy, lucky friend of a friend :)

  2. This is gorgeous!!! Love the color combinations :)

  3. Wonderful quilt love the colors too!

  4. I'm late to stumble onto this, but this is absolutely fantastic! Exactly the mix of simple and interesting that I've been looking for. I think this is how I shall make the quilt for my mother; in which I wanted to combine triangles, hexagons, and another element to make it more interesting - I think the little hexagon in the middle is that element I was looking for!

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