Mar 25, 2013

An Easter dress

Easter is right around the corner!  I made my daughter's Easter dress last week.  I went with a pretty simple little seersucker dress, made with the same fabric I used for her romper and A's shorts for our trip to the beach back in August.  I still have tons of this fabric left so there will be more seersucker dresses in her future!  I considered using some to make my son a matching jacket, but I knew my husband wouldn't like it, so I bought him an outfit instead.

I made the pattern for the bodice using one of her shirts, then I just added a gathered skirt.  I wanted the skirt to be pretty full so I cut a strip of fabric that was about 4 times the width of the bodice to make the skirt.  

I debated between a navy blue sash or this pink one, but I figured pink was better for Easter, plus I had pink buttons to match it for the back.

I haven't been sewing many dresses for lately because she is not a big fan of them right now. She is crawling and always on the move, the dresses just get in the way, but they look so cute!  

I am trying to decide between a bonnet or a bow to match.  I am leaning towards a bonnet if I can find the time to make one this week.


  1. She is SO cute!!!! Bonnet or bow she will be the cutest girl at the egg hunt :)

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