Apr 5, 2012

Tutorial: Kid's floor poof

We got new pillows for our bed so I used the old ones to make this big floor cushion for my son.

I added a little handle on the front so it is easy for his little hands to grab and drag around.  And I actually made a pillow and zippered slip cover because I know this is going to need a few trips to the washing machine!

It makes the perfect spot to plop down and read a good foot book!

Want your own kid sized floor poof?  Check out the tutorial below!

Skill Level: intermediate

Outer fabric, pick something with some weight to it like a home decor fabric or corduroy.  My fabric was 60" wide and I used a yard of it.
3 1/2 yards of piping, you can buy it at the store or make your own.
18" zipper
Fabric for inner pillow, I used muslin.  It was 40" wide and I used 1 1/2 yards.
Something to stuff your pillow, I recycled some old pillows for mine but poly fiil will work too.
Sewing machine with zipper foot

First you need to draw a circle that is 18" in diameter.  I was really wishing I still had my compass from 10th grade geometry class for this!  I made a make shift compass by tying a string to a marker and to an awl.  I made sure the string was 9" so I would end up with 18" in diameter.  Then I held the awl still in the middle of my paper and circled the marker around it.

Then use the circle you drew to cut out your fabric. For the pillow you will need two 18" circles and one rectangle that is 58" long and 10.5" high (I made my rectangle by sewing three 20" x 10.5" rectangles together)

Pin your rectangle to one of your circles.  Start about 3" from the end of the rectangle.

Sew around the edge starting where you started pinning and stopping about 3" from the other end of the rectangle so the ends aren't seen down yet.

Line up the parts that aren't sewn down with the edge of the circle and pin the ends of the rectangle together where they meet.

Sew the ends of the rectangle together but only sew the top 3" or so.  Then pin the top to your circle and sew it down.

Now you should have one circle completely sewn to the rectangle.  Repeat those steps to sew the other circle on the other side.  When you sew the ends of the rectangle together, only sew about 3" inches, this will leave a hole in the side for you to turn your pillow right side out and stuff it.

After you have turned the pillow right side out and stuffed it, sew the hole shut.

Next, cut out the pieces for your slip cover.  You will need two 18" circles, two rectangles that are 6" x 18", one rectangle that is 10.5" x 41", and one rectangle that is 4" x 10.5".

Pin your zipper to one of your 6" x 10.5" rectangles and sew it down using a zipper foot.

Top stitch along the zipper.

Repeat with the other side.

Fold the 4" x 10" rectangle in half, sew along the edge and turn right side out.  Press with seam in the middle.

Top stitch the edges, this will be the handle.  Place your handle near the middle of the 10.5" x 41" rectangle and sew it down on both ends using a box stitch so it's nice and sturdy.

Open the zipper a little and pin the ends to the one of the ends of the 41" x 10.5" rectangle.  Make sure they are right sides together (the side with zipper should be facing the side with the handle sewn on.) Sew along the edge.

Baste the piping to the edge of your circles using your zipper foot.

To sew the ends of the piping, just cross the ends and sew them down.

Sew the sides of the poof to the circles the same way you did on the inner pillow.  Use a zipper foot and sew as close to the piping as you can.

This time, don't leave an opening in the side, sew it all the way shut, but make sure you open the zipper a bit before you close it so you can turn it right side out.

Stuff your pillow inside your slip cover and you're done!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this adorable project!! I am a beginner/intermediate seamstress so I always read a pattern numerous times so that I only have to sew once. I noticed that you have an 18" zipper listed on the materials needed. Would that not be a 10" zipper or one close to that size? Your clarification on this will help greatly. I so enjoy your tutorials and the detail that you give in them because I always learn something new as you are all always so thorough and descriptive. Thank you again for this tutorial and for helping me with this particular issue. Keep up the great work!

  2. Nope Patty, a 10 " zipper won't work. The 18 " zipper goes in around the pouf so it opens wide enough to get the inner pillow inside.

  3. Ahhhh and I read it so carefully but that makes perfect sense! Thank you for setting me straight! 8 )

  4. "Pin your zipper to one of your 6" x 10.5" rectangles and sew it down using a zipper foot."
    Should that be one of 6" x 18" rectangles perhaps?
    Best regards, Teja

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  6. "Pin your zipper to one of your 6" x 10.5" rectangles and sew it down using a zipper foot." What do you do with the leftover part of the zipper? I'm an experienced seamstress and this does not make sense to me at all. Could you clarify?

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