Aug 4, 2015

T-shirt dress tutorial

I love simple, comfortable dresses for my girl for summertime.  T-shirt dresses are great...knit on top, woven on the bottom, she can easily dress her self and be comfortable for hot summer play all day long!  

Today I am sharing a tutorial for sewing a T-shirt dress over on Pattern Revolution.  I used the Fiddlehead pattern by Lilygiggle of my t-shirt, it is a really cute flutter sleeved to that can be made sleeveless or with sleeves (so it would be great in the fall/winter too).  But you can use this same technique with any knit shirt pattern, or even a store bought tee.

The dress is so simple, make a shirt and attach a skirt!  I even provide a chart with some length measurements to take out all the guess work.  

You can check out the full tutorial for making a t-shirt dress over at Pattern Revolution today!


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