Jan 19, 2015

Red Riding Hood Doll

This was a really fun project for me!  Em has loved all things Little Red Riding Hood since she dressed as her for Halloween.  One day last week she asked me if I would make her a Red Riding Hood doll....um, of course!  So, I decided it would be really fun to make a doll of Em dressed as little red.

The doll's dress is a miniature version of the dress she wore for her costume, and she even has matching white tights and black leather shoes.

She's got a tiny little cape, just a hood (that took me three tries to get the right size, that dolls head is bigger than it looks) and gathered cape.  I used some little buttons instead of toggles like Em has on hers.  The buttons are just decorative, it closes with a little velcro on one side.

And with the blonde pigtails, blue eyes and tiny upturned nose this doll is a tiny little Em :)

To make the doll, I started with my stuffed fox pattern...who actually doesn't make a half bad wicked wolf.  Then I made the body and head a bit skinnier and the legs and arms longer and skinnier (and obviously eliminated the ears and tail...and added a dress)

I made the hair out eyes out of a wool blend felt and hand embroidered the face details.

This little doll took me almost 5 hours to sew, but part of that was working out the pattern and sewing a muslin doll.  She is so worth all the time and effort though, both Em and I love her :)

As soon as I finished her brother asked me "are you making superman next?"


  1. Laughing about the three tries on the hood! The same thing happened when we were making a raincoat for a stuffed bear...that head was huge!

    1. Yes! I couldn't believe how far off I was on the first try, lucky I had lots of fabric ;)

  2. SO cute! What an amazing present for your little girl! I always hope that as my kids grow they'll remember some of the special things I made for them and just KNOW that they are loved.

    1. Thanks! I hope this doll is one she treasures for years! It may have to get put up on her shelf a bit, she is still pretty rough on toys!

  3. So sweet! Now you have two little dolls. Both are absolutely adorable!

  4. Beautiful Crystal... Em is such a lucky little girl.

  5. Oh my,she's BEAUTIFUL!! Won't you share your pattern of her? I will pay for it if need be! She is just so sweet and I know my little one would love a couple of these beauties! <3

  6. This doll is so cute! I made a similar one for my little girl. Now she is her partner in riding. We've got Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer (https://www.best-pack-n-play.com/ride-on-toys-for-1-year-old/) - it fits a stuffed toy during a ride. Thank you for this great DIY project!



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