Dec 15, 2014

An Over the Top Holiday Dress

I finished Em's holiday dress!  They had a little competition over at Pattern Revolution, an Over the Top dress competition.  If you follow my blog, you have probably noticed my style is far from over the top!  At first I had decided not to join the OTT challenge, but then I got an itch to sew some sequins.

For this dress, I started with the Caroline Party Dress pattern by Mouse House Creations. I have sewn it before (here and here), it is one of my very favorites. 

I up the dress with some navy blue chiffon fabric from Joann’s and some navy lining fabric to go under it. I added a big keyhole to the back that ties with a satin ribbon.  Then I hand stitched on some sparkly gold sequins in a cascading design, with the sequins covering the shoulders, and then gradually spreading out towards the bottom of the bodice.

I love the dress without the pettiskirt (and she will probably wear it that way for Christmas).  But I decided it was not quite over the top enough for a competition, so I made a puffy tulle underskirt to go with it.  I used some off white tulle with gold glitter to make the skirt, and then added some of the same sequins I used on the dress to the bottom of the skirt. 

You can see all of the Over the Top contest entries over at Pattern Revolution and you can vote for your favorite.  I am not sure when voting closes but it is still up this morning.  There are some really fabulous dresses, go check them out!


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