Nov 7, 2014

Tuallulah and Huckleberry

I got to work with Pattern Revolution on a fun new project this month.  It is a new monthly series that they are starting called MashUP.  Every month they will feature two different patterns to mash up, this month it was the Tallulah by Izzy and Ivy and the Huckleberry by Foo Foo Threads.

Have you ever done a mash up of two patterns?  This was the first time I had.  It is where you take the top half of one pattern and combine it with the bottom half of another.  I used the top of the Huckleberry and skirt from the Tallulah to make this dress, I have dubbed to the Tallulaberry.  Over at Pattern Revolution, you can see more pictures of these two patterns mashed up and some photos of the opposite match (Tallulah top and Huckleberry skirt), both ways turn out so cute!  AND, you can get the 2 patterns at a great price!

The Huckleberry top has 2 options, you can do a loose fitting bodice or a fitted bodice with elastic casings in the back.  I chose the fitted option, in a size 2 for my girl and the fit is great! And I think this is a dress that will fit her for a little while.  

The pattern also has a few options for decorating the front of the bodice, I just went with a couple buttons. And aren't those flutter sleeves great?!

My favorite part the MashUP patterns are those sweet pockets on the Tullulah, which is why I chose to do the Tallulah skirt!  Em loves the pockets too, but I think mostly because I filled them with candy to get her to cooperate for this photoshoot ;)

Head over to Pattern Revolution for some more great Tallulaberry photos and to get all the info on snagging the 2 patterns for cheap!  But the sale ends today so hurry!



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