Aug 21, 2014

Honey Gum Dress

I am so excited to share this dress with you today!  This is the Honey Gum Dress, it is a pattern by Jen Ainslee Fox and you can find it in the newest issue of One Thimble (along with my pattern for the Sunny Daytripper :) )

I am not big on ruffles and frill so this sundress is just my style!  It is has a simple bodice and gathered skirt. There is also an option to add some decorative ties to the shoulders.

I have mentioned before that Jen always teaches me something new when it sew her patterns, which is one reason why I love them so much.  This time it was a sneaky way to turn the bodice with those skinny straps and a little tape trick to get the stitching just perfect around the back zip.

The dress patten is for sizes 1-12, Ems measurements put her perfectly in the size 1 and the fit is great.  I added a little extra length because I just know she is going to hit a growth spurt soon and I want this dress to last a while.

I made Em's dress from some fabric from modas Bluebird Park line.  I have been holding onto this fabric for a while now waiting for the perfect dress pattern for it.  I just love it on this simple sundress!

The dress closes with a zipper in the back and Jen makes the zipper installation a breeze!

Thanks Jen for the awesome dress pattern!  You can find this pattern in the newest issue of One Thimble.  This issue is packed with so much great stuff and it has 10 PDF patterns!


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