Jul 17, 2014

Explorer Hoodie Pattern Anthology

Today I have one more pattern to share with your from the Pattern Anthology Make Believe collection that I had the opportunity to test (you can catch the other 2 tops I sewed up HERE and HERE).  

This is the Explorer Hoodie, it is a super cute, pullover hoodie that can be made with knit, or a combo of knit and woven fabrics.

The hoodie has an option for a straight zipper like A's hoodie has, or a cool angled zipper.  There are also options for a ruffle on the hood and a little button tab over the zip.  You can check out all the options on Pattern Anthologies site.

I used a Ponte de Roma knit for A's hoodie and, oh man, I love it.  I bought the fabric at Girl Charlee (you can find it here). I got it in a lot of slightly flawed cuts, the flaw was a tiny little line running down the fabric parallel to the selvage, but it was easy enough to cut around.  The Ponte de Roma is a great fabric choice for this pattern, it has enough weight to give the top good structure but it is still a lightweight hoodie.  And it feels like it would be really comfortable to wear, I want on in my size!

Like with the other 2 patterns I tested, this one has really great instructions that are easy to follow and clear illustrations.  It took me about an hour and a half to sew and has already gotten a lot of wear.  We took it on our trip to Washington, it was great for layering on cool mornings.  

Pattern Anthology has all four Make Believe collection patterns listed in a bundle on their site for a great price right now.  Or you can bundle the four top patterns with four pants patterns for an even better deal.  Go check it out!


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