Jun 23, 2014

Taylor Shorts

I made myself some shorts...the Taylor shorts by Greenstyle.  And I love them!  They are part of the Bundle UP promo (the same one that has the peplum and Jenny dress I made last week).  The bundle is available this week so you can get some awesome patterns at a really great price!

The pattern for these shorts has 3 different lengths, I chose the middle length, they have a 5" inseam, and has a size range of 0-18.

They close with a zip fly and button (or you could do a hook and eye instead).  The zip fly sounds scary but it is really easy, and Greenstyle even has a video to walk you through it if you have trouble with it.

I really screwed up when I made mine.  I cut the front of my pattern the right size but somehow cut the back and waist band pieces two sizes too big....whoops!  After some altering I ended up with some wearable shorts, but I need to try them again with all the right size pattern pieces :)

I used some quilting cotton from Joann Fabrics for my shorts and used an interfacing for the waist band.  They are really comfortable and lightweight which will be great for summer.  I found a 1" green button in my stash to finish them with.

These shorts are going to be a wardrobe staple for me this summer!


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