Jun 3, 2014

Ruby Jean's Closet Pretty Pansy Dress

We are going back in time a bit today.  Back about 6 months to when I tested this pattern for the Pretty Pansy dress by Ruby Jean's Closet, it somehow never got posted here.  Better late than never, right?

I love the simple design of this dress.  It has a customizable length, the pattern tells you how to measure your child then where to cut your pattern to get any length you want, from tunic all the way to maxi.  I picked a longer below knee length, which still hits her right around the knee six months later.

This fabric I bought over a year ago at Joann's.  This dress will be perfect for summer and with this color scheme, I think she will be wearing this for 4th of July.

This dress has an elastic back.  I love elastic for kids clothes because it makes them last longer.  She should fit in this dress for at least another year.  The straps can be tied behind the neck or buttoned to the back.  Em still has some room to grow on her straps too, if I add another button hole to those, she might even get 2 more years of wear out of this dress.

She was staring at her sparkley gold shoes in all these photos :)  Man she loved those shoes.  She out grew them a few months ago, I miss them a bit too, they went with everything!

Thanks for reading! Happy Tuesday :)


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