Mar 3, 2014

Steam Train Shirt

Did you notice the cute train shirt A was wearing with his Ranger Shorts in my post last week?
It is another pattern I made out of the new One Thimble ezine I was given.  It comes in the ezine with all the other great patterns or you can get it by itself for only $2.

This boy is crazy about trains, he and Thomas the train are tight, he calls him “Tommy”…they go way back :) So I knew a shirt with a steam engine would be just perfect, he flipped when he saw it.


I used a shirt he had in his closet already.  It had a pocket on it, but after some careful seam ripping and a quick steam with my iron and you can’t even tell it was ever there. 

The appliqué comes with an option for a 2 piece appliqué (which I did) or a multi piece appliqué, which windows, doors, and wheels added on.  I like the simplicity of this 2 piece appliqué, I think it is cute on my 3 year old, but is something even older kids could wear.

I used some of the stretch twill I had left over from the Ranger Shorts and a little scrap of gray for the steam.  A little heat and bond and a quick zig zag stitch around the edge he had this cute appliquéd shirt!


  1. This is so cute. My oldest son would love this!

    Your blog is great, so I wanted to nominate you for a Leibster award. Here is the link to my post about how to accept if you wish to do so.

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