Dec 9, 2013

A Christmas Matilda

Remember the Miss Matilda Dress by The Cottage Mama I tested a while back? (woah, how cute and tiny was E then?!)  I made another, this time a Christmas version!

This dress is for a friend's granddaughter, who happens to be the same size as E, so I couldn't resist putting it on her for a few quick photos before I sent it off!

One of the thing I really enjoy about sewing for other people is stepping out of my box a bit and making something I never would have made otherwise.  
My friend wanted red velvet and black lace which is a combination I never would have picked.  But, oh man, I love how it turned out!  It is really quite striking. 

Are you making any Christmas dresses this year?  If you are looking for the pattern to make one like this, you can find it HERE!


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