Jun 17, 2013

Eyelet Shorts for Baby

I had some fabric leftover from the Miss Matilda dress I made.  I had been thinking I would use it to make a cute shirt for my daughter but then when I saw all the cute shorts in Imagine Gnats Shorts on the line flickr group, I decided  this fabric needed to be shorts.

Didn't they turn out cute?!
I used my own shorts tutorial and made a pattern by tracing a pair of shorts she already had.  Then I stuck the two pattern pieces together along the side seam and made one pattern piece.  So these shorts don't have side seams and only 2 seams to sew.  

I love the eyelet with the turquoise peeking out, perfect color for summer.

The fit ended up being perfect!  She even has a bit of room to grow so they should fit her all summer.

I have some more shorts planned, some for my boy too.

Are you making shorts for the summer?  Make sure you check out shorts on the line!  There is lots of good inspiration in the flickr group and you can even win some awesome prizes!


  1. I love eyelet fabric! These shorts are ADORABLE! Pinning this for sure.

  2. I love these! A couple questions because I want to make them, how did you stick the material under the eyelet and how did you do the ribbon? Thanks again I love your blog!!

    1. Thanks Regina! To make them I just layered the eyelet on top of the lining and sewed the shorts like they were one fabric. You could baste them together around the edges to keep them from slipping while you sew if you wanted, I didn't have any trouble with it. I did a tie similar on another pair of shorts you can see here: http://www.stitchedbycrystal.com/2013/05/baby-shorts.html, it is just decorative.

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