May 24, 2013

Tutorial: Reversible Sunglasses Case

Summer is here! I guess it is not officially summer yet but it is hot and sunny out, time for flip flops, shorts and sunglasses.
I have a hard time keeping track of my sunglasses so I sewed up this little sunglasses case to keep my glasses from getting broken, scratched, or lost in my bag.

I made it reversible so I can change it up, stripes one day...polka dots the next.  

I just used a little scrap fabric from a dress I am working on for Emily and some elastic to make the case.
If you have pricey sunglasses, you could line the fabric with interfacing or fusible fleece for a little extra protection if you wanted.  I buy super cheap sunglasses because they are always getting broken by little fingers or misplaced (as mentioned above) so I wasn't too concerned about extra padding for them.

Did you notice the reflection of me and Andrew in the photo above? Ha!

Here's the tutorial. 
You will need  two 15" x 4.5" rectangles of fabric, 9" of coordinating double fold bias tape, 6" of elastic, interfacing (optional)

Cut your rectangles and line them with interfacing if you wish.

Fold them right sides together and sew up the sides with 1/2" seam allowance.

Flip one right side out.

Stuff the wrong side out one inside the right side out one.  Line up the side seams and the edge and baste them together.

Unfold your bias tape and fold one end in 1/2".  Line it up with the side seam of your case and pin it along the edge.  The end should fall past the folded edge.

Sew the bias tape down along the first fold.  Fold the tape over the unfinished edge and pin in place.

Hand or machine sew the bias tape leaving 1" open.  Use a safety pin to help thread the elastic through the opening.  Sew the ends of the elastic together then sew the opening of the bias tape.  

Add your sunglasses then hit the beach!


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  2. Oh so cute! I am not the best sewer (I have done some curtains and table runners) but I could totally make this and I need too! Thanks for the inspiration!


    Visiting from the All Things Pretty Party! I also host a party, Party In Polka Dots, starting every Monday if you care to link up!

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