May 2, 2013

More Pink Chevron

It has been quiet in my sewing room lately.  I have had lots of stuff going on leaving little free time.  That plus Andrew has stopped napping so I lost the 1-2 hours of "me time" I used to have every afternoon.  But, I made up for the lack of sewing action these past few days!  I cranked out two projects for a friend and a few things for Emily too.

I finished two projects on my to-do list to go along with the pink chevron curtains I made a friend for her nursery, pillow covers and a crib skirt.

The pillows have a simple envelope closure on the back.  Easy to take off and throw in the washer, perfect for babies room.

And just a basic crib skirt, no frills, ruffles, or pleats.  It hangs 14" below the mattress.  I looked around online and that seemed pretty standard, but it seems a bit long to me though.

I made the skirt by hemming three sides of the skirt panels and sewing them to the edges of a piece of muslin cut 1" longer and wider then the mattress frame.  Easy peasy.

I have some really cute stuff I made for Emily I plan to share soon!


  1. That's so pretty! I am so in love with the print and the color.

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