Jan 24, 2013

Tutorial: Heart Garland

Want some quick and easy valentine's day decor?
Check this out!

I made this garland in about 20 minutes this morning before my kids woke up.  And all you need to make it is  a few sheets of felt (that only cost about $0.30), a piece of thread, and some glue.  This project costs around $1, I love cheap crafts!

I hung mine over the door to our back porch, but this would look cute anywhere. If we had a mantel, it probably would have gone there.

It's a cute way to bring some colorful valentine's cheer to your home! 

To make a garland, you need:
  • one piece of string as long as you want your garland, plus a little extra to tie it up.
  • sheets of felt.
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Cut your felt into 1"x 9" strips, a rotary cutter and mat make this really easy but scissors work too. 

Then cut all your strips in half so they are 1" x 4.5"

Tie a knot in your string to make it easy to hang.

Put a dot of glue on the bottom of one of your felt strips and stick your string in the glue.

Put a matching felt strip on top so the string is glued between the 2 strips.

Fold the ends of the felt pieces down to form a heart and glue them together with the string sandwiched in between them.

Glue two strips to the bottom of the heart.

Glue those strips to make another heart.

Keep adding hearts to the chain until you get the length you want.

Then hang it up!  I used thumb tacks to hang mine.


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