Dec 3, 2012

Harry Potter peg people ornaments

Remember the bird ornament I made last year?  It is still the most popular post on my blog. I did a craft ornament exchange again this year.  I enjoy doing the exchange, it really challenges me to be creative.

This year I wanted to make something to do with Harry Potter.  My original plan was to make a snitch (for those of you who are not Harry Potter fan, 1) read the books, they are great! and 2) a snitch is a small gold ball with wings that they try to catch in the wizard game of Quidditch).  I was in the craft store looking for something to use fir the gold ball when I found these little wooden peg people.  I totally changed gears and ditched the snitch idea when I thought about how cute these things would be painted to look the the three main characters of Harry Potter.

To make these little guys I simply drew out my design in pencil right on my pegs.  Once I had something I liked I painted it with acrylic paints.  Then they got a couple coats of glossy spray lacquer.  And to make them hang on the tree they each got an eye screwed in their head to tie a ribbon too.

I love how they turned out!  Here is Harry complete with glasses and lightning bolt scar:

And my favorite, Ron:

And Hermione, I had a hard time deciding how to do her hair, I considered having it pulled back but I am glad I didn't:

These pictures make them look bigger than they really are, they are only 2" tall.  Aren't they adorable?



  1. I made Star Wars peg people. Actually twice now...once for my children and once for my sister. Turning them into an ornament is a great idea! if you are interested.

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