Dec 11, 2012

A Christmas Dress

It seems like my craft to-do list is never ending this time of the year.  I have all these ideas floating around in my head for Christmas decorations I want to make and handmade gifts I want to give, it seems like as soon as I get one thing crossed off I have three new things to add to the list!

I managed to cross one thing off last week, a holiday dress for my daughter.  I thought I would do a fancy, dressy little dress but then decided a simple cotton dress would be easier.  Plus simple is way more my style, I'm not really the frilly, dressy type.

I made a simple peasant dress since they are so easy and I wanted something I could make quick (and because I think they look adorable on little girls).

I bought 1/2 yard of this holiday fabric at Joann's after Thanksgiving when it was super cheap.  I wanted long sleeves but it turns out 1/2 yard of fabric wasn't quite enough, so it got 3/4 length sleeves instead.  I am kind of glad I ran out of fabric because I love the sleeve length!

Then we dressed it up a bit with some shiny vintage shoes!

Does any one else have craft lists a mile long around this time of the year?  How do you get everything done?!


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