Sep 25, 2012

A Curvy Quilt

I have tons of fabric, huge plastic bins full of it in my craft room.  I think my husband cringes a little every time I come home with another bag from Jo-Ann's!
I have been making an effort to use what I already have for my projects instead of adding to my ever growing collection.  I made this quilt with some charm pack squares I have had for over a year!  They are the Sugar Pop line by Liz Scott for Moda.  

I used a drunkard's path square (more on that later) and I am really digging the modern curvy look.  It measures 40" x  40".

I used some Kona solids I had in my stash too, the white for the top and the green for the binding.  Its the same green I used on Emily's quilt.  The only fabric I had to buy for this one was what I used for the back and the stripe on the front, and I used every last bit of it.

I liked this quilt so much I considered keeping it for Emily but I think I will gift it instead, I think I know of the perfect home for it!


  1. beautiful! i was considering making a circle quilt and i love the way half the circle matches the background. just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Emily! This quilt was easier to make than I expected, I am hoping to do another one like it soon!

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