Aug 15, 2012

Toddler backpack

I have been working on a little backpack for my son.

He isn't in school yet so he doesn't really need a backpack.  But he likes dragging bags around the house to put stuff in and then pull back out, so I figured he would enjoy one.

He has been wearing it around the house and filling it with whatever random things he finds... crayons, trucks, blocks, keys, drink coasters, TV remotes... anything that will fit!

I finished the bag a few days ago, then the next day I took it apart and put it back together again...twice.

I wanted it to be sturdy so it would hold it's shape so I used duck cloth to line it.  That stuff is heavy!  So I ended up taking it apart and removing the duck cloth in some places where I didn't really need it so the bag would be lighter.

The outer fabric is Monkey's Bizness by Alexander Henry.

I used a heavy duty plastic zipper so it is easier for little hands to open.

I put in some one on the front, two inside, and little pockets on the sides, perfect for Murray to tag along!

It has adjustable straps so it will grow with him for a while.

This little bag will be going on our trip in a couple of weeks.  I am planning to fill it with lots of goodies for him can carry on the plane.  I am totally picturing this cute little guy walking through the airport with his backpack on....

But I know he would really be running at top toddler speed with me chasing after him.  So instead he will be strapped in to his stroller with the bag stowed underneath!  


  1. I LOVE this adorable little backpack! May I ask where you found the pattern for it? :)

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