Jan 31, 2012

Toddler bib

I can hardly believe my little munchkin is already over a year old!  He has pretty much mastered eating finger foods and has been working on using a spoon by himself.  Learning to eat can be messy business!  I made him some new bibs today.

I had two main reasons for making these bibs, 1) I wanted a pocket bib to catch some of the mess he makes when he is eating and 2) he seems to have inherited his fathers weak stomach and has been getting sick in his car seat on a regular basis these days.  I am hoping a bigger bib will save me from some car seat clean ups!

I made these with pretty much the same way I make my drooler bibs only I made these a bit wider and a few inches longer and squared off the edges.

Then I added some snaps on the bottom so I had the option of a really big bib or a pocket bib.

They seem to work pretty good for messy eating.  He hasn't tested how well they keep his car seat clean yet...thank goodness!

They are also the newest item in my shop!


  1. Fun fabrics! Now...tell me your secret on how you can keep those bibs on. Bibs are useless in our house...he tugs them off and makes a bigger mess!

    1. The secret is the plastic snaps, Andrew can't tug off these bibs! I get mine from KAMsnaps.com.

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