Aug 29, 2011

Tutorial: Infant Hooded Bath Towel

I love hooded towels for wrapping my little guy in after his bath.  I don't however love the thin flimsy hooded towels you find at the store.  So I made this hooded towel during nap time with a soft fluffy towel I found on sale and some fabric scraps I had laying around.

Skill Level:  Intermediate 

1 bath towel, mine was 30" on its shortest side but any size will work
4 yards of double fold bias tape
sewing machine

Gather your supplies.  I found my towel at Target and got this contrasting red polka dot fabric at Jo Ann.  I wasn't to sure about the red and blue at first but I love it on the finished towel!

Start by cutting off the finished edges of the towel so you are left with just a big piece of terry cloth.  

Cut the towel to make a square.  I did this by folding one corner down until it lines up with the opposite side like you used to do to make one of those paper fortune tellers...

Set the square aside and using the piece you cut off the bottom you will cut out the hood.  

Measure 10" down from one corner and make a mark on both sides.  Cut straight across between the marks to make a triangle.

Round the corners on both the square and the top corner of the triangle (where the 10" sides meet).  I used a soup bowl to get a nice even curve.

Sew bias tape to the bottom edge of the triangle.

Lay your hood on top of the square and line up the round edge of the square and the round edge of your hood. 

Pin around the edges and then stitch along the edge with a basting stitch.  Do not stitch along the side with the trim.  This will keep your hood in the right spot while you sew the trim around the whole towel.

Next, sew bias tape all the way around the outside edge of the towel to finish the raw edge. 

Your towel is ready to wrap your little one up in! 


  1. I used a different tutorial for a hooded towel for my toddler, and the hood is HUGE! The other tutorial also didn't have the bias trim, and I LOVE how yours looks! I think I will be pinning this for next time. I love the red and blue contrast! Very cute!

  2. I would love to make this but the pictures don't open. Any ideas ?

  3. Not sure if my first comment went through...I love your towel. Want to make one but wondered if you simple iron trim in half...put raw edges of folded trim to raw edge of hood/ it to raw edges and then turn folded edge of trim to back side of hood/towel. I would really appreciate response asap...need to make it this weekend. Thanks so much. So glad your pattern is a square towel.

    1. Yep! Or you can also just sandwich the raw edge with double fold bias tape.

  4. Pretty amazing work on the author's part and This blog is a five star work.

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