Oct 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013: The Firehouse Pup

Here is my daughters Halloween costume.  I think it is fun to have them coordinate and plane to do so as long as they don't put up a fight.  So I needed something for her that would coordinate with her brothers pick of a fireman.  Here is our firehouse pup, the dalmatian!

I picked up this furry dalmatian print fabric for a steal.  It is from Joann's and the selvage of the fabric was filthy so they gave it to me as "damaged" which meant 75% off!  The fur was really a pain to work with and I am still picking fur balls up all over my sewing room.

I made her a simple a-line dress that snaps at the shoulders.  My favorite part of the costume is the tail, it wags when she walks!

I almost didn't give her ears, she isn't tolerating any kind of hats or headbands these days.  But at the last minute I made her some ears and stuck them on some alligator clips, they work like a charm!

Here is our little fireman with the firehouse pup! (you can find all the details on the fireman costume HERE and HERE)


  1. Oh my gosh! So creative and so terrific!

  2. So incredibly cute!!! The ears really make the costume, love it!

    1. I agree, the ears are the best part! Unfortunately one ear only lasted about 30 minutes on Halloween, the other made it about an hour and after that she was an earless pup! Poor girl hates having things on her head :)



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