Oct 22, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012: Swashbuckling Pirate

To go along with the mermaid costume, my son will be a pirate.

Despite how displeased he looks in these photos, he really enjoys the costume!  I have been trying to photograph him in this costume for days but he does not have much patience for me and my camera lately.  I even tried bribing him with fruit snacks and I just ended up with several blurry photos of him running in the yard with his mouth full.

A doesn't tolerate things on his head these days so I decided not to waste my energy on a hat.  Instead I went with a parrot on his shoulder.

I used my felt bird pattern from last Christmas and added some colorful wing and tail feathers.  Then I sewed him right onto the vest.

For his shirt I used a long sleeve shirt of his to make a pattern, then I made this using one of his dad's old white t-shirts.  I added some embroidery thread to the slit in the neckline.

I used the same pattern I had made for the shirt to make the vest.  I found this gold bias tape at JoAnn's, it was perfect for finishing the edges.  

For his shorts, I made some easy kid shorts, but instead of hemming them I cut them off so they look pirate-y.

Added a red sash and this pirate is ready for Halloween!


  1. SO adorable! I love the bird!! Ollie is going as Elvis hahaha!

  2. That is officially awesome. The only I can't understand is how you got your kids to play model. My youngest makes it difficult to put on pajamas, day clothes, whatever, so I never put anything on him that I don't want to stay on for a while. :)

    Nice work.

  3. Fell upon your blog after looking for pirate wagon ideas. So glad I did! I love the bird idea! Thank you for all you :)

  4. That's a nice idea to use embroidery thread for the neckline. Love the shirt, especially the cute little kid.



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