Oct 30, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012: The Pirate Ship

So my little pirate needed a ship.
We ordered new patio furniture about a month ago.  A love seat, two chairs, and a coffee table all got shipped in one box, one really giant box.  It was quite cumbersome for getting off our front porch but that giant 5' x 5' box is perfect for things like castles, forts, and pirate ships!

This pirate ship is just cardboard, paint, a bit of fabric, and a lot of hot glue.  I drew my ship on the cardboard and cut it out.  Then I painted the ship with acrylic paints.

I made canons out of paper towel rolls and attached them with hot glue.

The Jolly Roger flag is made of felt, I cut out the skull and cross bones and hot glued it on.

The sail is a scrap of white fabric, again hot glued in place.

To attach the cardboard to the wagon, I glued some yarn on the back and covered it with cardboard to make sure it stayed in place.

Then it simply ties on.

I can't wait for trick-or-treating tomorrow! Check out my kids Halloween costumes HERE and HERE.


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  2. I came across your post on Pinterest! I love, love, LOVE this idea so much! Thank you for sharing! We are dressing up our fur baby as a pirate this year for a costume contest and we will be building her a pirate ship too! One question, how did you attach the flag to the wagon? :)

    Thank you!



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