Nov 15, 2011

My little turkey

My son needed a thanksgiving hat.  I used the same pattern I used to make my dino hat only I made the spikes more feather shaped and had them going sideways instead of front to back.  Then I added a beak, gobbler, eyes, and turkey legs! 

The feathers aren't quite what I had pictured in my head but I don't hate them enough to take the whole hat apart and do them over.  It will be perfect for him to wear to the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning!


  1. I love this hat! I'm a very beginner sewer so need some guidance here. How did you do the eyes? Are they sewn on? What about the beak?

  2. Thanks! The eyes are circles cut from white fleece and sewn on and the black part is actually buttons. To make the beak and gobbler, I cut out 2 of each of the shapes and sewed them right sides together leaving the top open then I turned them right side out and sandwiched them between the hat top and band when I sewed them together. I hope this helps! Feel free to email me at if you need more help!



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