Oct 13, 2011

KCWC days 4 and 5

Day 4 of Kids Clothes week challenge I made some pj pants.  my son is finally sleeping in his own room and it is getting chilly out, I decided he needed some nice warm pajamas.

Elastic waist pants are insanely easy to make and since I already had a pants pattern drafted from his gray corduroy pants I was able to throw these together in about 20 minutes.  They have about 3" in the hem that I can let out as he grows so this should fit him for a while.

I had originally planned to make a pants and shirt set for him but didn't buy enough fabric.  Luckily he got a police car shirt as a hand me down from his cousin right after I finished the pants, perfect! I tried to get a picture of him sporting his new look but taking pictures of a 10 month old who moves non-stop is not easy!

Since the pants were quick I also started a coat yesterday and finished it up today.  I bought this fleece fabric thinking I would make a hooded sweatshirt, then I decided a coat would be better.  A didn't own a coat so I used a hooded sweatshirt to make the pattern.

In all my years of sewing I have never made sleeves.  In fact I avoided them like the plague, I assumed they were hard and didn't want to mess with them. I learned sleeves are surprisingly simple!

I put one pocket, I had planned on two but got lazy, what does a one year old need pockets for anyway?  Three 1" buttons down the front to keep it closed.  (It made me laugh that you can see my messy bookshelf and open closet door in the buttons in this picture)

I was pretty impressed all three buttonholes turned out great, I usually have at least one get kind of wonky.

I didn't want to line the coat since we don't get too many freezing cold days here I figured he would get more use out of a light coat.  That made getting the hood on a bit tricky. I ended up making some trim out of a scrap of fabric to cover the seam at the hood.  I left the other seams raw since fleece doesn't fray and they won't be seen.

The hood doesn't fit his big head too well (my kid has a seriously big head, 97th percentile while his teeny body is in the 20th!) but the rest of the coat fits great.  It will be perfect for winter!



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